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вторник, 4 април 2017 г.

                      Y&T /Yesterday & Today/
                                                  1972-1991  1995-present
                                          Heavy metal Hard rock Glam metal
                                                   Oakland, California, USA

                  Dave Meniketti - lead guitar, lead and backing vocals (1972–present)
                  John Nymann - keyboards, backing vocals (1984–1988 (touring member)); backing vocals on Down for the Count (1985 (session member)); rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (2003–present)
                   Mike Vanderhuledrums, percussion, backing vocals (2006–present)
                  Aaron Leigh  -  bass guitar, backing vocals (2016–present)
                  Leonard Haze  -  drums, percussion, backing and lead vocals (1972–1986, 2001–2006; 2015, 2016 (touring guest)); died Sep. 11, 2016
                 Phil Kennemore  –  bass guitar, backing and lead vocals (1973–2010); died Jan. 7, 2011
                 Joey Alves  –  rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (1974–1989; 2004, 2016 (touring guest)); died Mar. 12, 2017
                 Jimmy DeGrasso  –  drums, percussion, backing vocals (1986–2001; 2004 (touring guest))
                 Stef Burns  –  rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (1989–2003; 2013 (touring guest))
                  Brad Lang  –  bass guitar, backing vocals (2010 (touring substitute); 2011–2016)

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