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неделя, 9 април 2017 г.

WHITESNAKE ''The PURPLE Album'' (Deluxe Edition) '2015

''The PURPLE Album'' (Deluxe Edition) 2015

01  Burn
02  You Fool No One (Interpolating "Itchy Fingers")
03  Love Child
04  Sail Away (Featuring "Elegy for Jon")
05  The Gypsy
06  Lady Double Dealer
07  Mistreated
08  Holy Man
09  Might Just Take Your Life
10  You Keep On Moving
11  Soldier of Fortune
12  Lay Down Stay Down
13  Stormbringer
14  Lady Luck
15  Comin' Home
16  Soldier of Fortune (Alternate Mix)
Time: 1:16:27

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