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събота, 8 април 2017 г.

WHITESNAKE ''Still of the Night in Tilburg'' '2016

''Still of the Night in Tilburg (Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Holland - 11.08.16)'' 2016  2CD

Disc 1
01 Intro Tape - My Generation
02 Bad Boys
03 Slide it in
04 Love Ain't No Stranger
05 The Deeper the Love
06 Fool for Your Loving
07 Ain't No Love in the Hearth of the City
08 Judgement Day
09 Guitar Solo's
10 Slow an' Easy
11 Bass Solo
12 Crying in the Rain
13 Drum Solo
14 Crying in the Rain (Reprise)

Disc 2
01 Band Introduction
02 Is This Love
03 Give Me All Your Love
04 Here i go Again (with Adrian VANDENBERG)
05 Still of the Night (with Adrian VANDENBERG)
06 Tape Outro - We Whish You Well

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